Being Green

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously at Langham Press, taking every opportunity to minimise our carbon footprint, both as a business and as individuals.

We offer a range of Recycled and FSC® papers for you to choose from and we use 100% recyclable packaging including cartons, business card boxes and paper tape. If your company shares this environmental challenge we can discuss your requirements and work with you to show a clear benefit to our environment.

We can carbon balance your paper under carbon balanced paper schemes which mitigate the CO2 emissions generated by the production, storage and distribution of the paper we purchase. These are administered by The Woodland Trust’s woodland carbon capture scheme and The World Land Trust carbon balanced paper scheme.


Our litho inks are vegetable based and cobalt free.


All of our waste which includes paper, ink, chemicals, plastic and metal printing plates is collected by accredited environmental contractors for recycling. Even our general waste is processed and recycled with zero waste going into landfill.

Energy efficiency

Our electricity supply is 100% renewable energy. All of our company lighting is LED.